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AlumierMD Medical Skin Care at Sparx Winchester Beauty Salon

Get Healthy Skin with AlumierMD Medical Skincare

At our Winchester Beauty and skin clinic we’re proud to offer AlumierMD facials and skincare treatments.  The word Alumier comes from “illuminate”, meaning to make clear and bright or to enlighten.   AlumierMD was founded to offer clear, bright and beautiful skin by using the latest technology and very best medical-grade ingredients.

The team of skin care experts, biochemists and chemical engineers who develop Alumier’s state-of-the-art products focus on the science behind great skin.  They recognise that when it comes to great skincare, one size doesn’t fit all – there’s no perfect formula that will work for everyone’s skin profile to deliver younger, smoother and brighter looking skin.   For this reason their team of scientists has designed a comprehensive range of skincare products to address multiple skin concerns, delivering outstanding results.  

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Why Choose Medical Grade Skin Care?

AlumierMD Medical Skin Care from Sparx Winchester Beauty SalonAlumierMD medical grade skin care is formulated by expert scientists to contain targeted, high-quality active ingredients which will deliver results far more quickly than many other off-the-shelf skin care ranges.   This is because Alumier’s products contain a higher concentration of active ingredients in their formulation, so provide optimum results.

The research that goes into the development of Alumier’s medical grade products also means that they contain intelligent delivery systems – in other words, they are specially formulated to penetrate the skin and be absorbed and used rather than simply sitting on the surface.  They also contain bioavailable ingredients.  These are active ingredients which can be used immediately by the body.   The result is a skincare product range which delivers long-lasting results.

All this means that Alumier’s products offer great value for money.  Their concentration, fast action and long lasting effects mean that they last up to 3 months and you can replace your skincare less frequently.   You will also be investing in your skin’s health – and preventing any possibly costly skin care issues emerging in the future.

Do Alumier Offer Clean Skincare Products?

AlumierMD are honest and transparent about all the ingredients in their formulations and client safety is always their top priority.   Their products are all made with the highest quality ingredients and are free from parabens, sulphates, artificial fragrances and colours and chemical sunscreens.    If you have any concerns about any of their products, please speak to your Sparx beautician who will be able to advise you further.

Are Alumier Products Ethical and Sustainable?

Yes!  AlumierMD are committed to protecting and preserving our natural resources and the company works actively to reduce it’s carbon footprint.   All their products are totally cruelty-free, ingredients are sustainably sourced and the formulations are reef-friendly and have no effect on marine life.   Packaging is recyclable and the company only uses suppliers who share their vision for maintaining the environment – which is one of the many reasons Sparx is proud to be an AlumierMD stockist!

Which AlumierMD Products Do You Recommend?

Sheer Hydration SPF from Alumier at Sparx Winchester Beauty SalonEveryone’s skin is different and we will recommend the particular product’s that will work best for your skin type, but some of our most popular include:

  •  Retinol Resurfacing Serum 0.5 – One of Penny’s favourites, this is a pure retinol serum that dramatically improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • EverActive  C&E™ + Peptide – this award winning serum harnesses the power of Vitamins C and E as well as peptide to tackle the visible signs of aging.
  • Sheer Hydration SPF40 – another of Penny’s favourites, this nourishing cream offers powerful broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays.  Like all Alumier’s SPF products it contains physical sunscreens, rather than potentially harmful chemcial ones.

What Type of AlumierMD Facials Do You Offer?

We can create a bespoke facial for your particular skin type and concerns.

To restore your glow, we’d particularly recommend an AlumierMD Chemical Peel.   This treatment will exfoliate dead skin cells on the surface, revealing a fresher and smoother complexion beneath.  It will also stimulate new cell growth.

Alumier’s medical-grade products are also particularly suited for treating skin conditions including acne and rosacea.

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The Perfect Combination of Performance Skin Care and Professional Expertise

The professional beauticians at Sparx skin clinic can assess your skin and identify any particular skin care conditions you may have.   After this we can recommend a bespoke combination of AlumierMD products to produce the best possible results.  Alumier’s medical skin care formulations are only available from fully trained skincare professionals and aesthetic practioners in skin clinics.  We are trained to fully understand how the products work on your skin and can help you build a bespoke skin care routine that will achieve long-lasting, visible results.

At Sparx you can be assured you will only be recommended products that are suitable for your needs – and you will avoid wasting money on costly online mistakes.  Plus by buying from us you’ll be supporting a local beauty business.

We will monitor and adjust our recommendations as your skin condition improves.  Call us today on 01962 878979 to book a free skincare consultation.  If you aren’t able to pop into our Winchester skin clinic, we also offer free video consultations allowing you to take care of your skin at home.