Hydrating Summer Skin Care

Skin Care for Summer at Sparx Beauty Salon in WinchesterAlumierMD summer skin care products at Sparx Beauty Salon Winchester

This summer has been spectacular – the heatwave, the endless BBQs, the World Cup and Love Island!  You may have been enjoying the summer sunshine, but has your skin?  Even when you’re wearing sun protection, just a single exposure to the sun’s UV rays can damage your skin’s ability to retain moisture, making it drier and more sensitive than usual.  If you’ve noticed this recently, there’s no need to worry; Sparx Beauty Salon in Winchester has all the products and know-how you need to relax and enjoy the rest of the glorious summer weather.

Hydration is Key

When the sun leaves your skin as parched as the desert, rehydrating products are a must to return it to its former self.  At our salon in Winchester, we offer products from the award-winning AlumierMD to keep your skin looking radiantly healthy, no matter what life throws at it.  For this time of year, we would recommend the AlumierMD Deep Moisture Mask, which gives your dry skin an intense hydration boost.  It contains amica and shea butter which both soothes and moisturises your skin, making it feel more comfortable.

Alternatively, why not try the AlumierMD Aqua Infusion Mask?  This is specially formulated to deal with both sun- and age-induced skin dehydration and is perfect for all skin types.  That includes oily skins because, unlike other moisturising products, the Aqua Infusion Mask is light and oil-free.  Another bonus is that a little goes a long way – it works to retain moisture for up to 72 hours!

AlumierMD Aqua Infusion Mask at Sparx Beauty Salon in WinchesterPrevention Over Repair

Of course, it may be a little late in the summer to be saying this, but it’s always better to take action to prevent the sun from damaging your skin in the first place rather than to wait for it to dry out and damage your skin before repairing it.  This can be done by moisturising regularly and avoiding prolonged and frequent exposure to the sun’s rays.  At Sparx we stock a fantastic range of sun protection products from AlumierMD.   Ask one of our beauty specialists about the products you need to keep your skin healthy and beautiful this summer.

Book Your Summer Skin Care Appointment at Sparx Beauty Salon in Winchester

If you notice the sun having an impact on your skin, don’t hesitate to pop into our salon and ask about it.  We’d be happy to help!  Call us on 01962 878 979.  From all of us at Sparx, enjoy the rest of the summer!