Benefits Of Alumier Clear Shield

Protect Your Skin With Alumier Clear Shield At Sparx Beauty Salon In Winchester

Whether you are enjoying a staycation or taking the chance to jet off to a sunny country, it’s always important to take care of your skin. This means, come rain or shine, you should wear SPF not just when you’re on holiday, but all year round!

At Sparx Beauty Salon in Winchester, our skincare experts are dedicated to protecting your skin and keeping you looking younger for longer. That’s why we offer the best Alumier products, including the Alumier Clear Shield Sunscreen which is perfect for protecting your skin from harmful UV radiation. Our expert team are highly trained on the latest innovative SPF products, such as the professional quality Alumier range. If you’re unsure about what sunscreen is right for you, just visit our Winchester salon where we’ll provide you with the best sunscreen products and advice.

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Why Do I Need To Wear Sunscreen Every Day?

Summer skin pigmentation problems solved Winchester Beauty SalonThe secret to youthful-looking skin is to protect it from the sunlight as sunlight contains radiation such as UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays cause aging, while UVB rays cause you to burn – both of which are damaging to your skin!

Even when you’re inside or it’s a rainy day, you’re still not safe from UV rays because they are always all around us – no matter the weather, or time of year. This is why you can burn on a cloudy day! Also, UVA rays can even penetrate glass… Another risk from sunlight is the blue light it emits which is a form of radiation that is also given off by computer screens and mobile phones.

The effects of sun damage build up over time, and your body can only heal a small percentage of that. However, there is a way you can fight back and prevent this damage! Research has shown that people who wear SPF 15 or higher on a daily basis show 24% less skin aging than people who do not use sunscreen on a daily basis. If this isn’t enough of a reason to protect your skin, the Skin Cancer Foundation has found that 5 or more sunburns in your lifetime doubles your risk of developing melanoma. So, it really is very important to wear sunscreen every day if you can!

At Sparx Beauty Salon & Aesthetics Clinic, we’re here to help you look after yourself and your skin which is why we recommend the regular use of an effective sunscreen as it can really help protect you from the damage and risks posed by UV rays and blue light.

How Does The Light From Screens Affect My Skin?

Protect your skin at Sparx Winchester Beauty SalonDermatologists have been studying blue light as it is predominantly given off by the sun, but also by our computers, mobile phone screens, and LED lighting too. While research into its effects is still ongoing, many experts believe that our bodies struggle to block the blue light out and so this can negatively impact a variety of functions including vision and sleep patterns, as well as damaging our skin.

Blue light is strong enough to potentially penetrate our skin which causes free radical damage, breaking down collagen which leads to wrinkles. Also, it is believed to be a trigger for inflammation and can darken hyperpigmentation.

However, at Sparx Beauty Salon, we are the skincare experts in Winchester, and so we know how you can protect your skin from blue light. Simply use a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, and keep reapplying it regularly. We also recommend you limit your exposure to screens and LED lighting (especially in the evenings!) where possible as this will benefit both your health in general, as well as your skin.

The Difference Between Chemical SPF & Physical SPF

A physical sunscreen creates a physical barrier to reflect UV rays away from the skin through the ingredients it contains. This makes physical sunscreens better for sensitive skin. A chemical sunscreen absorbs UV radiation and converts it to heat, which is a different way of protecting the skin. This makes chemical sunscreens water-resistant, so they’re perfect for if you’re sweating or swimming.

Our beauty team at Sparx Beauty Salon in Winchester are happy to help you find the perfect SPF products for your skin type and lifestyle. We fully recommend the Alumier Clear Shield Sunscreen as it has many benefits, which we will now go through.

The Benefits Of Alumier Clear Shield Sunscreen

Alumier Clear Shield SPF at Sparx Winchester Beauty SalonAt Sparx Beauty & Aesthetics Clinic, we understand skincare and our skincare professionals are here to help you look after your skin. During a skincare consultation, we will assess and understand your skin in depth, which will allow us to tailor your AlumierMD experience.

The Clear Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 42 is a physical sunscreen that makes it perfect for all skin types, as well as effective at protecting your skin from both UV rays and blue light. This lightweight formula is quick-drying which makes it quick and easy to apply every day for ultimate protection.

Clear Shield is designed to be an inclusive and universal sunscreen for all skin types, skin tones, genders, and ages. It’s not tinted which means it will apply as a clear protective layer over your skin. This formula is also oil-free whilst still being hydrating. Transform your skin today by applying Alumier Clear Shield Sunscreen and we’re sure you’ll notice the difference.

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