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If your skin is suffering during lockdown, the team at Sparx Winchester beauty salon are here to help.   Whether it’s due to ill health, stress or simply long periods of time stuck in our centrally heated homes, there’s no doubt that this latest lockdown can take its toll on our skin.   Here are are top suggestions to help:

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is a healthy and inexpensive choice when it comes to quenching your thirst and it has many benefits for your overall health.   Although the jury is out on whether drinking lots of water can affect our skin condition, many people find that it makes their skin feel more hydrated, enhancing their glow and giving them a fresher, more youthful look.  Drinking plenty of water flushes out toxins from the body and boosts our energy levels, as well us making us less likely to snack –  so it’s definitely worth ensuring we keep ourselves well hydrated!

The NHS recommends that we all drink 6 to 8 glasses of fluid a day.  If you don’t like drinking plan tap water, you could try sparkling water, or add some slices of lime, cucumber or mint leaves for added flavour.   

Let Us Deliver Your Favourite Skincare Products to Your Home

Alumier at HomeWe can deliver all your favourite skincare products directly to you at home.   These include all your AlumierMD favourites, as well as new products from Protocol designed to boost your skin’s brightness and glow.   Simply visit our online shop to purchase all you need to keep your skin in top condition.

Your could try the AlumierMD Home Renewal Kit which includes four carefully chosen skin care products to rejuvenate your skin while staying at home.  The kit includes a complimentary skincare bag and headband, and for each set sold Alumier will make a donation to a charity supporting the country thorough COVID-19.

The kit contains AHA Renewal Serum, which uses lactic acid to exfoliate the skin, removing dead cells while you sleep.  Bright and Clear solution will brighten the skin and exfoliate the pores while Retinol Eye Gel with rejuvenate the eye area, reducing the appearance of lines , wrinkles and dark circles.   These exfoliating products are complemented by nourishing and hydrating Hydraboost cleanser.

The kit as been specially designed for you to use at home while you aren’t able to visit us for your usual facials.

Book a Video Skin Care Consultation

 If you aren’t sure which products would work best for your skin, or are concerned about a particular skin care issue, why not book a free video consultation with one of our team?   Even if you just want to have a chat a break the boredom of lockdown, we’d be delighted to see you!   We are missing all our clients!

You can book a consultation by completing the form here.

Look After Your Hands and Nails

Mavala Hand Care at Sparx Winchester Beauty SalonWith all the hand washing we need to do during the pandemic, all our hands are feeling ragged.  The skin of our hands is very fragile due to the poor quality of the nework of sebaceous glands in them, which makes them dry out very easily.  The detergents in cleaning products and soaps – as well as cold weather and sunlight – can accelerate the dehydration and aging process.

To keep your hands in top shape, hop over to our online shop to see a selection of hand and nail care products from Mavala.   Mavala hand cream is specially formulated for dry, damaged hands as well as those that simply want protection from day to day challenges.  It contains a range of ingredients, including marine collagenand allantoin, which are moisturizing, soothing and prevent roughness and redness.

We also stock a range of nail care products in our shop, as well as some lovely bright nail polishes for a cheerful boost to your look!

Book an Appointment at Sparx Winchester Beauty Salon

At the time of writing we are closed due to the national lockdown.  If you’d like to book an appointment for when we re-open, simply email us as info@sparx-beauty.com, and we’ll add you to our waiting list.

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