Love Island – Get The Look!

Want To Look Like A Love Island Contestant? Top Tips From Sparx Beauty Salon in Winchester

With their perfect nails, lashes, brows and abs, it’s clear to see that those Love Island contestants are body-conscious and one or two of them are not afraid of the surgeon’s knife.

While we’d certainly never advise anyone to have a face lift, tummy tuck or boob job, the beauty experts, aesthetic doctor and semi-permanent make-up artist at Sparx Beauty & Aesthetics Salon in Winchester can help you dramatically improve your looks.

From lash extensions to brow tinting, cellulite treatments to non-surgical face lifting, we have several effective and high-quality non-surgical beauty treatments to make you look like a better, younger, version of yourself.

How To Get Lashes Like Laura on Love Island

Beautiful long lashes like Love Island’s Laura can be yours with the fantastic Double-Lash treatment available in our Winchester Beauty Salon. This treatment will give you longer, thicker lashes and is clinically proven to enhance lashes to make them fuller and stronger.  You can also get the look with semi-permanent eyelashes which will give you longer, thicker, natural looking lashes without any damage to your natural eyelashes. 

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Get A Spray Tan Like Love Island’s Alexandra

Let’s face it, all of the Love Islanders sported a tan from the moment they stepped in front of the cameras.  We’re pretty sure most of them started off with spray tans which are a safe and effective way to give your body a beautiful bronzed glow.  We offer the superb Sienna X Spray Tan at our Winchester beauty salon so make sure you book in soon by calling us on 01962 878979.

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Long-Lasting Perfect Nails at Top Winchester Beauty Salon

When you’re on holiday it’s great if you can just get on with having fun, fitness and relaxation without having to worry about your nails.  We offer CND Shellac – a revolutionary colour system for nails which gives you 14-day nail polish with no chips or smudges.  Perfect nails can be yours… just like Love Island’s Georgia.  Find out more about our nail services in Winchester.

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Is It Time For Bold Eyebrows As Seen On Love Island

The way you style your eyebrows is very much a matter of personal taste.  Personally, we love Kaz’s natural look, while Dani (as much as we LOVE her) has eyebrows that are, in our opinion, too dark.  Semi-permanent make-up is a great idea if your eyebrows are sparse, greying or very light.  Our semi-permanent make-up artist Lucie Jayne Toms is an expert in giving the perfectly shaped eyebrows, lips and semi-permanent eyeliner.  We think Georgia has beautifully shaped eyebrows.

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No Need For Plastic Surgery Like Megan From Love Island (Allegedly)

A lot has been reported in the press and via social media about Love Island contestant Megan’s plastic surgery.  There really is no need to resort to surgery when you can opt for less drastic measures to get great beauty results.  We have a highly qualified Aesthetic Doctor Dr Chris Airey who offers anti-ageing dermal fillers for plumper lips and skin, as well as anti-wrinkle injections.  

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Fat & Cellulite Reduction Treatments in Winchester

While we can’t turn the clock back to when we were in our 20s, like those young and lovely Love Island contestants, we can help if you want to reduce fat or cellulite.  Our therapists are highly trained in the use of the latest Lynton laser, ultrasound & radiofrequency technology which offer non-invasive ways to lose unwanted fat, reduce cellulite and tighten the skin. These are safe treatments which can effectively target stubborn fat on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.  

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Book Your Beauty Appointment at Sparx Beauty Salon in Winchester

We can help you with all your beauty needs whether you want a dermal lip filler, eyelash extensions or a bikini line waxing service.  Simply call Sparx Beauty Salon in Winchester on 01962 878979 or book your appointment online.