The Truth About Skin Care

All you need to know about Retinol from the experts at Sparx beauty salon in Winchester, Hampshire

The Truth About Skin CareThe skilled beauticians at our Winchester beauty clinic provide a wide range of effective facials and face treatments to combat the signs of ageing and target specific skin concerns such as acne & pigmentation.

If you are worried about wrinkles or want smoother, firmer looking skin, your experienced Sparx beauty therapist can help. We will analyse your skin before suggesting the correct treatment or course of beauty treatments for you.

If you have ever wondered what actually helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles or, how a simple beauty product can give you a more youthful appearance – let us tell you about retinol. Widley used in beauty products, ‘retinol’ is derived from vitamin A and is the only ingredient to have been clinically proven to actively stimulate the body’s production of collagen. 

What this means is it helps to give your skin strength and elasticity as well as quickly replace dead skin cells. By removing dead and dying cells, the skin is encouraged to produce new cells – leaving you with a brighter look.

alumier-md-products spark aesthetic clinic winchesterHow does retinol get in to the skin? How does retinol actually work? Alumier MD use a special method to encapsulate their retinol into a polymer. This allows for the retinol to be delivered exactly where it is needed – where the collagen and elastin is made.

For more information on the beauty and aesthetic treatments we provide in our Winchester aesthetic clinic or to book an appointment – please call us on 01962 878979 or BOOK ONLINE using the pop up at the side of the page. 


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