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Alumier MD HydraRich Moisturiser at Sparx Winchester Beauty Salon As the season’s change, so do your skin care needs.  Colder weather and the effects of central heating may mean that your skin feels dryer and needs a richer moisturiser over the winter months.  Book a consultation at our Winchester Skin Clinic and our experts can assess your skin and recommend a bespoke skin-care regime using the best medical-grade products from Alumier MD.

We particularly love NEW Alumier MD HydraRich moisturiser, and it seems we’re not alone!  This transformative biotic-friendly moisturiser launched last month and the beauty world is taking note: it has been recommended in November’s British Vogue magazine.  The style bible commended HydraRich’s ability to improve the skin’s barrier function and help nourish the perfect environment for your skin.

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What is the microbiome and how does it affect the skin?

252018069 370495524761920Alumier MD Skin Care at Sparx Winchester Beauty SalonThe human microbiome is the name given to the micro-organisms that live on and inside the human body.  Most of them are harmless and some are beneficial to our body and skin health.  

The microbiome acts as a protective barrier for the skin, preventing bad bacteria and fungi from causing infections.   The good bacteria competes with bad bacteria to prevent it building up and taking over.   Keeping the microbiome balanced also increases hydration, restores the skin’s pH and regulates sebum production.

How does AlumierMD HydraRich protect the skin and it’s microbiome?

HydraRich contains ProBioBalance CLR™ NP which is a probiotic blend designed to rebalance tired, stressed skin by helping to regulate its natural flora or micro-organisms.

It is also packed with emollients and hydrators to restore the skin’s lipid balance and draw water into the skin for optimal hydration, plus the latest ingredients to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It really does offer the ultimate moisturiser experience for a healthy complexion!   It’s especially beneficial for dry skin.

Book a Skin Care Consultation at Sparx

The key to a beautiful complexion whatever your skin type is advice from a skincare professional.   The team at our Winchester salon are trained to analyse your skin in depth and understand its needs.   We can then recommend the most appropriate Alumier MD products for you needs.   Cut the guess work out of your skin care regime and see real results – call us now on 01962 878979 to book a consultation or use our online booking system. 

You can find out more about the benefits of Alumier MD medical skincare here.