DIBI Milano Facial Treatments

Dibi Milano cosmeceutical facials Winchester Skin Clinic

Bespoke Facial Treatments From DIBI Milano
At Sparx Winchester Skin Clinic

The highly trained DIBI Milano therapists at Sparx Winchester Aesthetics Clinic offer a bespoke facial treatments to nourish, repair and replenish the skin on your face and body.

DIBI Milano is Italy’s leading cosmeceutical skincare range, with products based on over 40 years of scientific research and technological innovation.  Their innovative cosmeceutical products are designed to enhance your natural beauty and are not only science based.  They are also are luxurious and a real pleasure to use, with creamy, velvety textures and a delicious fragrance.

Book a skin care consultation at our Winchester clinic, and we will start by using the patented DIBI Milano Skin Analyser to find out what lies beneath the surface.   By using an advanced system of light spectrums the machine allows us to assess your skin, measuring its hydration, collagen, pores and more.  This allows us to create a bespoke skincare plan to cater to your specific skin concerns.  From anti-ageing facials to soothing, anti-redness treatments, we can offer the perfect facial to restore you glow.    Book a consultation today and start your personalised skincare journey with DIBI Milano.

DIBI Milano Facial Treatments


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Anti Aging Facials Winchester Aesthetics Clinic

Anti-Aging Facials

Preserve, repair and restructure your skin and restore its youthful glow with a DIBI Milano #AGE METHOD universal youth treatment.

This innovative treatment helps protect you skin against daily stress, fatigue, jet-lag and climatic changes.  It also helps to counter the damage caused by skin and hormonal ageing, smoothing the features, minimising expression lines and deep wrinkles, and strengthening the skin’s structure.

It's the ideal treatment or  anyone who wants a younger looking, smoother face with a brighter complexion.

DIBI Milano Anti Oxidant best Winchester skin clinic


DIBI Milano Anti-Oxidant Treatments help reduce the effects of stress and aging on your skin.

This treatment strengthens and hydrates your skin leaving it more compact, smooth and wrinkle-free.  This treatment can be used for all skin types to counteract the signs of fatigue, and give you a fresher, more rested face.  

It is also is perfect before a special evening or occasion to give your skin a younger, fresher appearance.

Anti Redness treatments Winchester Skin Clinic DIBI Milano

Anti-Redness Treatments

This soothing treatment repairs and protects sensitive skin.

The Defence Solution is designed to reduce irritation and counteract redness, dryness and itching.  It uses natural ingredients to nourish your skin and keep it well balanced.

The treatment is based on DIBI Milano's innovative NIOSOME DEFENCE COMPLEX, a blend of natural active ingredients, using niosomes which allow the main active ingredients to penetrate the skin.

It's ideal for both men and women with sensitive, intolerant skin that needs protection, and it is fragrance free.

moisturising facial treatments dibi milano at Sparx Winchester skin clinic

Moisturising Facials

These facials are a dual action hydrating and nourishing solution for all skin types in all weather conditions.

Your skin needs water, whatever stage of life you're in, and hydration is the daily step to achieving a long lasting youthful complexion.  The HYDRA PERFECTION treatments stimulate the skin's natural hydration mechanisms and replenish it's water and nutrient reserves.

All Hydra Perfection products are rich in Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, which deliver an extremely youthful effect from the very first treatment.  It leaves your skin quenched and revitalised with a radiant complexion.

Peeling facial treatments Sparx winchester skin clinic DIBI Milano

Lifting, Peeling and Reforming Treatments

The innovative treatments of cosmetic peeling, reforming and lifting combined for the first time at DIBI MILANO, thanks to the two LIFT CREATOR treatments that reduce wrinkles, firm up tissues and re-densify them. 

Cosmetic peeling smooths and renews the skin's tissues.  Cosmetic reforming uses Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Elastin, Vitamins and Cotox-Like Peptides to reintergrate the skin and reposition the facial volumes. Cosmetic lifting stimulates the skin cells to produce substances that create elasticity, promoting rejuvenation from the inside.

Best revitalising facials in Winchester DIBI Milano

Revitalizing Facial

These treatments regenerate and repair your skin.   With 3 active ingredients, your skin will be re-texturised, more uniform and compact, clear of harmful toxins and more resistant to external forces.

The PROCELLULAR 365 treatment is a targeted solution for all types of skin that tend to be fragile and sensitive, due to age, or as a consequence of aesthetic medicine treatments.

The Procellular 365 treatment performed before undergoing an aesthetic medicine procedure acts as a protective moisturising barrier, allowing total recovery of the damage caused by the procedure.