Sustainability at Sparx

Sustainability at Sparx Winchester Skin Clinic

Green Initiatives at Sparx Winchester Skin Clinic

These days we all understand the importance of doing our best to protect the planet and reduce our impact on it.  At Sparx we have taken a number of green steps to boost our sustainability:

Scrummi Disposable Towels

Washing conventional cotton towels requires huge amounts of electricity, water, chemicals and staff time.  That’s why we’ve chosen an eco-alternative.

Srummi towels are made from wood-based fibres, sourced responsibly from European forests.  The trees used to as the basis for the towels soak up 39kg of carbon dioxide per thousand towels as they grow and they are sent to our Winchester salon via CO2 neutral delivery.   The towels are made in the UK and contain no wood from ancient forests or fibre from polluting factories.

The towels are hygienic and super-soft as well as being fully biodegradable after use.  We’re sure you’ll love them.

Scrummi are a certified B-Corp.  That means they are certified as having met very high standards of ethics, environmental and social performance.

Scrummi biodegradable towels sparx winchester clinic

Eco Cleaning Products

We don’t use nasty chemicals to keep our Winchester clinic hygienically clean.  Instead we always use eco cleaning products, which keep the salon spotless without damaging the planet.

Paperless Salon

We are a paperless salon to cut down on waste.  Everything we do is online, including our price lists and treatment menus.

We’ve also stopped using cardboard packaging on all Sparx own-brand products.


We are careful to recycle everything we can, including plastic packaging.

Paper Bags

We’ve banished plastic bags and only use paper with our Dibi Milano products.

Sea Safe SPFs

We’re pleased to stock Sea Lover SPF products from Dibi Milano.  Conventional chemical SPF products can have serious impacts on marine life, including contributing to the bleaching of coral reefs.  We’re delighted to support an eco alternative.