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What To Expect At Your DIBI Milano Skin Care Consultation
At Sparx Winchester Skin Clinic

At our Winchester aesthetics clinic we’re proud to offer a full range of high-performing skin care products and treatments from DIBI Milano, Italy’s leading cosmeceutical skincare range.  Every product in the range is formulated according to the company’s highly acclaimed approach based on scientific methods, research and development and the latest cutting-edge technology.

Our team of beauty therapists have all been fully trained by DIBI Milano to ensure they qualified to provide personalised treatments which will offer clinically proven results.

Book a skin consultation at Sparx to start your own DIBI Milano skincare journey today by calling 01962 878979.  Your appointment will consist of a three step process: facial analysis, consultation and facial treatment with home care.

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1   Facial Analysis

Our DIBI Milano skin analysis machine uses ultrasound technology to capture images of the surface of your skin and deeper into the epidermis to provide information about your skin’s health. This provides an insight in to problems such as sun damage, acne, wrinkles and pores.  It allows us to measure your skin’s hydration levels, elasticity, collagen levels, sensitivity, fragility and general muscle tone.

2  Skin Care Consultation

You will be provided with the results of your analysis and we will use this to help formulate a personalised skincare plan and suggest the facials and products to help target the concerns identified. We will also use the consultation to find out your skin goals and discuss what you would like to achieve from the treatment and your skin care regime.

3  Facial Treatment and DIBI Milano Home Care Regime

We have DIBI Milano facial treatments available to target all the skin concerns you might have. 

To maintain the results, we will recommend a home treatment plan using the DIBI Milano products and advise you to revisit the salon for top up facials every 4-6 weeks.