Cold Weather Skin Care

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Winter Skin Care Tips from Sparx Beauty Salon Winchester

The temperature outside is dropping and harsher weather is moving in, so it’s time to step up your skin care regime and give your skin the extra TLC it needs.   These are our top tips and recommendations for keeping your complexion fresh and glowing this winter with our superb range of skin care products from Alumier MD here at our Winchester beauty salon.

1.  Your Skin Needs a Drink

The winter wind and cold weather coupled with dry, centrally heated air indoors causes your skin to lose its moisture.   Keeping it well hydrated is key to maintaining a dewy complexion, so it’s time to move invest in a higher-intensity moisturizer which will deliver the nutrients that your skin needs keep any redness, irritation and flakiness at bay.  

We have several rich Alumier MD moisturisers which are perfect for this time of year, including HydraCalm Moisturizer and HydraDew Moisturizer.  Speak to your Sparx Beauty technician to find out which is the best product for you.

2.  Exfoliate to brighten your complexionAlumier Bright and Clear Solution from Sparx Winchester Beauty Salon

When winter weather dries out your skin, it slows down the natural removal process of old skin cells and other debris.  This can leave you with a dull complexion as well as blocking pores and causing spots.   The solution is to use a gentle exfoliation treatment to get rid of the dry unhealthy layer on top and reveal your fresh new skin below. 

Exfoliation also helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles, increasing skin cell turnover and encouraging new, more elastic skin cells to grow.   Fresh new skin cells also absorb your skin care products better – so it’s clear exfoliation is a win-win situation when it comes to glowing skin!

At Sparx we recommend Alumier MD Bright and Clear Solution, a refreshing skin conditioning toner that exfolliates dead skin cells and refines your complexion.  It contains active ingredients to gently exfoliate dead skin cells plus vitamin C for free radical protection.  It also contains soothing arnica and bisabolol to calm your skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.  

3. Avoid Face Wipes

We know they’re handy but not only are they bad for the environment, they are not doing your complexion any favours either.  Wipes sap the moisture from your face, so we recommend you opt for a gentle cleanser instead.  We have a great range of Alumier MD cleansers available at our Winchester beauty salon, including Hydra Boost Cream Cleanser, a gentle and intensely hydrating pH balanced cream cleanser for normal to dry skin.   Speak to your Sparx beauty therapist to find out the best product for you.

4. Use a Serum Alumier Everactive Serum from Sparx Winchester Beauty Salon

You may be wondering what a serum is, never mind why you should be using one in your skin care routine, so let us explain!   A serum is an important product that you apply to your skin after cleansing but before moisturising.  Serums are designed to deliver active hydrating ingredients directly into your skin, along with key nutrients and calming ingredients to reduce the visible signs of aging and revitalise the skin. 

Serums are especially good to use in chilly weather to prevent your skin from becoming dry, irritated and red.   We recommend you try Alumier MD EverActive C&E, which is a potent antioxidant serum which reduces the visible signs of aging for all skin types.  It contains high-strength vitamin C and E, anti-oxidants which neutralise free radicals and protect against UV damage.   The serum has a unique delivery system which ensures the vitamin C complex is always at its freshest and most active as it’s only mixed into the serum when you use it.  Find out more at our Winchester beauty salon.

5. Practice Safe Sun

We know it might be cold and cloudy outside, but regardless of the weather, but dermatologists recommend you still need to incorporate broad spectrum UV protection into your skin care regime to prevent sun damage to your skin.    Some dermatologists also believe that that even office lighting and light from screens can be harmful to your skin, so even if you aren’t enjoying a winter walk or hitting the ski slopes, it’s important to take UV protection seriously during the winter months.

 At Sparx we stock a wide range of hydrating broad spectrum sunscreens from Alumier MD.   These include Sheer Hydration Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 40, which comes Untinted or with Versatile Tint, that blends beautifully on the skin creating a sheer healthy glow.


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With these 5 key steps, you can be sure that your skin will be ready to tackle the colder months ahead.  Pop down to Sparx to speak to your beauty technician about our full range of Alumier MD skin care products.    Why not kick start your winter skin care regime with one of our moisturising facials too?  Call us on 01962 878979 or use our online booking system.  

We look forward to helping you glow this winter!