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The 5 Best Nail Colour Ideas for Women With Short Nails at Sparx Beauty Salon in Winchester

Long nails have been trending over recent years with social media full of beautiful images of gorgeous long nail looks.  In recent months however, as with many things, nail trends are changing.  We’ve realised that beautiful as the long stiletto nails worn by Billie Eilish or the Kardashians are, they are not really the most practical choice for day to day life for most women! 

But does short mean you have to sacrifice style?   Absolutely not!  Book an appointment at our Winchester beauty salon and we can give you a short manicure that looks beautiful as well as being practical!

At Sparx we offer the exceptional Mavala range of nail colours as well as the very latest DND Gels and CND Shellac.  With so many colours to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice!  For inspiration take a look at these ideas for short nails from the manicure experts at Sparx Beauty.   It even  includes colours which can actually make your nails look longer AND your fingers look slimmer…

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Nude Nail Polish For Longer Looking Fingers

We aren’t all blessed with naturally slim or long fingers like a pianist but you CAN fake it with a nude nail polish at Sparx. Stick with nude or pastel nail colours to make your nails look longer than they are. A nude manicure on shorter nails is perfect for everyday wear since it matches with every kind of outfit. 

We love the natural looking pale peachy pink of this Reno polish from Mavala.

Velvety Matte Nail Colours 

Matte nail colours are a great way to add interest to your shorter nails, for a stylish look.  A matte top coat can work with many different nail shades, adding an expensive looking velvet touch to your manicure. 

Gradient Nail Colours For Short Nails

Gradient nail polish can look sensational on all lengths of nails and add interest to any manicure. Use pastel nail colours or even create a gradient look with nude nail polish for a longer looking, chic short manicure.

Blue Nail Polish Colours For Elegant Short Nails

Many women steer clear of dark nail colours with a shorter manicure as they are worried it will draw attention to the lack of length of their nails.  In fact bold blue nail colours can look elegant on even the shortest of nails.  

Red Nail Polish For Short Nails

Red nails may make you think about long talons on a femme fatale but red polish can look brilliant short nails too!  Red is a classic nail colour and will look good with most outfits at any occasion. 

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