Skin Care Ingredients – how do they work?

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We’re all spending far more time in our centrally heated homes than usual at the moment as Lockdown #3 bites.  With less opportunities for fresh air an exercise, it’s the perfect recipe for dry skin, sapped of all its usual glow.   Coupled with Zoom and FaceTime calls on high-res cameras, showing up our every blemish, it’s definitely time to up our beauty game!

So how should we start?  It’s important to remember that not all beauty products are equal when it comes to their ingredients and the results you can expect from them.   At Sparx Winchester Beauty Salon, we’re proud to stock AlumierMD medical grade skin-care products, which are now available to purchase online via our online shop.

AlumierMD products are packed full of the very best high quality active ingredients, designed to produce rapid and long lasting results.   So what are the key ingredients you can expect to find in high quality skin care products, and what do they do?

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Vitamin C and Vitamin E Skincare

Vitamins C and E are powerful antioxidants that works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin, strengthening and brightening it.  They neutralize damaging free-radicals and protect against UV damage.   Vitamin C also strengthens and brightens the skin.

Which Vitamin C & E Skin Care Product do we recommend?   AlumierMD’s EverActive C&E™ + Peptide serum has recently been recognised in Cosmopolitan magazine as being one of the top vitamin C serums that actually work – according to dermatologists.

Many vitamin C serums oxidise in their bottles, discolouring and losing their potency, but EverActive C&E™ stays fresh because you only mix the 15% vitamin C into the serum when you are ready to use it.   This outstanding serum uses the highest grade vitamin C available and scientific tests have demonstrated its ability to smooth wrinkles.


Professional Skin Care Products Sparx Winchester Beauty Salon onlineTo keep your fresh glow you need a product to boost skin cell turnover – and that’s where retinol comes in.   It does wonders for your skin cells and also boosts production of collagen – needed to keep your skin looking smooth.

What is Retinol?  Retinol is a topical derivative of Vitamin A (i.e. a derivative designed to be applied to the skin).  When choosing a product containing retinol, you need to consider the concentration, as retinol products come in varying strengths. 

Low retinol content products can be applied daily, but moderate or high strength products should be used more sparingly, and only after your skin has become accustomed to them.   At Sparx we are fully trained skin-care experts and can advise you on the best products for your skin type.   Email us at for more information. 

When should I start using retinol? Retinol is sometimes considered to be something you should start using as your skin starts to mature, perhaps when you spot your first wrinkle.  Skincare is a long game though, and the latest research suggests that the ideal age to introduce retinol into your skin care regime is age 25.   But don’t worry if you haven’t started yet!  There’s never a bad time to introduce retinol into your skin care regime.

Which Retinol Skin Care Product do we recommend? Retinol Resurfacing Serum 0.25 from AlumierMD is a 0.25% pure retinol treatment that improves skin tone and texture and corrects the signs of aging.  Cutting edge skin-care technology has been used in it’s production so it contains microencapsulated retinol, which allows for gradual timed release overnight.  it also includes soothing and hydrating ingredients for maximum results and comfort.   

Also available in in 0.5% and 1% concentrations.  Speak to your Sparx therapist to find the right concentration for you.

What are AHAs?

If you’ve heard of retinol, you’ve probably also heard of AHAs – also known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids.  Retinol works really well when it is teamed with AHAs.  Retinol works at a cellular level, whereas AHAs work on the top surface of the skin.  In effect, the AHA clears the debris from the surface of your skin so the retinol can penetrate the layers below. 

If you have sensitive skin or skin that tends to become irritated, be aware that you may experience redness, irritation or flaky skin when using retinol or a combination product containing retinol and AHAs or BHAs (Beta Hydroxy Acids) such as glycolic or salicylic acids.    Speak to your Sparx skin care therapist for advice.

What AHA skincare product do we recommend?  AHA Renewal serum from AlumierMD enhances the skin’s texture and tone, reducing the visible signs of aging.   Its a clarifying formula with a mixture of exfoliators and hydrators to promote brighter, firmer and more radiant skin.

Lactic acid (8%) removes dead skin layers, speeds cell turnover, reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation and smooths fine lines and wrinkles. Allantoin, sodium hyaluronate and vitamin B5 hydrate, while green tea and arnica soothe the skin.