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Recommended Beauty Products For Summer From
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Sunshine and holidays call for a rethink of our beauty routines and the products we use.  But what to choose?  We know you’re bombarded with information, so the Sparx team have selected a few items they think are summer beauty essentials.   Available from our Winchester salon or online shop here.

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Alumier MD summerAlumier Moisture Matte Broad Spectrum SPF 40

We all know how important it is to wear an SPF everyday, especially during the summer months.  We love this innovative tinted moisturising sunscreen from AlumierMD.  Its a 100% physical facial sunscreen (so better for the planet as well as you) and it can double as your daily moisturiser.

It’s offers broad spectrum protection, meaning it shields you from both harmful UVA and UVB rays using a combination of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.  It also contains antioxidants such as caffeine, silybin and knotgrass extract, which will diminish the damage caused by free radicals.

The lightly moisturising formula will smooth and hydrate your skin while also absorbing excess oil to create a matte finish.  The sheer tint blends perfectly on the skin to give you a smooth complexion and healthy glow.  Available in a range of shades.

Mavala Lip Balm

Our lips don’t have any sebaceous glands, which makes them vulnerable to dehydration in summer heat and dry conditions.  This can result not only in the lips becoming sore, but also losing firmness and definition and developing fine lines and wrinkles.

It’s therefore very important to take care of your lips over the summer (and all year round).  We recommend Mavala lip balm with SPF 15.  It relieves sore and damaged lips with its fine velvety texture.  It also protects and repairs using botanical extracts and shea butter.  Ideal for retaining supple youthful looking lips!

Skinade travel sachets Winchester salonSkinade Travel Sachets

If you’re a Skinade fan, you’ll know about the products amazing ability to deliver better skin from within.  A course of Skinade can increase skin hydration and radiance, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increasing skin suppleness.  It also works to deliver healthier looking hair and nails.

Skinade is usually available as a fruit flavoured drink in a bottle – not ideal for holiday travel!   Luckily you can also purchase it in sachets, which simply need to be stirred into half a glass of water.

For a novel idea on a hot day you could even try freezing your Skinade into ice lollies!

Mavala Nail Shield

Your nail plate is composed of 3 separate layers, and the outer layer can be easily damaged by too much sun, detergents (e.g. washing your hair every day), exposure to chlorine in swimming pools and more.

To avoid flaking, splitting and dryness over the summer, we recommend using Mavala Nail Shield.  The unique formula offers the nails protection from damaging elements, allowing them to regrow and strengthen. 

Sparx Whipped Shea Butter

After a day in the sun our skin needs some TLC and our Whipped Shea Butter is just the product to use.  This luxurious body butter feels fantastic on the skin, penetrating deeply without clogging the pores.  It is rich in Vitamins A and E to help keep the skin healthy and heal any sun damage.  

Shea butter is perfect for soothing rough, dry or chapped skin because it’s a natural anti-inflammatory product.  It smells fantastic too!