Summer Beauty Treatments

AlumierMD Summer Treatments at Sparx Beauty Salon in WinchesterAlumier MD summer skin care at Sparx Beauty Salon in Winchester

During the summer months your skin needs all the help it can get as it’s faced with sun exposure and often the effects of jetting off on holiday too.  At our Winchester beauty salon we stock a fantastic range of Alumier MD professional treatment products which are designed to prepare, defend, repair and soothe skin both before and after you go out in the sunshine.  These are just some of our recommended skin care products for summer…

Tackle Skin Dehydration

To tackle dehydration, AlumierMD Aqua Infusion Mask is an innovative product which infuses the skin with water.  Its active ingredients also help the skin to retain moisture for up to 72 hours.   It doesn’t include oil, unlike other moisture masks, meaning that it’s ideal for use if you have oily or acne prone skin.   Pop into our Winchester beauty salon to find out more.

Alumier md hydrating skincare products from Sparx Beauty Salon Winchester

Summer Eye Care

The delicate skin around your eyes requires special care and can be badly affected by the rigours of flying.  AlumierMD’s Eye Rescue Treatment is designed to help you wash away the plane when you return from holiday!  It includes a HydraBoost Cream Cleanser to gently cleanse and soften the skin around the eye, which should be followed by refreshing Eye Rescue Pads, to draw moisture into the delicate skin.   

As a final step, apply AluminEye, a peptide rich eye cream which is designed to to brighten and smooth the eye area.  This award winning cream reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness and gently and effectively hydrates the skin.  It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and crows feet by increasing the skin’s firmness and elasticity.   A great product to use all year-round.

Counteract the Harmful Effects of Summer Pollution Alumier MD Anti-Pollution Skincare from Sparx Beauty Salon Winchester

Although at Sparx Beauty Salon we are lucky enough to be based in beautiful Winchester in the Hampshire countryside, summer smog and pollution can be a problem for many people.  We all know that we should protect our skin against UV damage from the sun, but did you know that pollution is another key factor in skin damage and ageing?  Pollution particles can penetrate the skin’s pores, leaving it inflamed and dehydrated.  They also interfere with the skin’s lipid layer resulting in a breakdown of collagen, reducing firmness and elasticity.   

 Luckily, there are steps we can take to reduce this damage.   In addition to cleansing your skin morning and night using an appropriate cleanser, we recommend using AlumierMD’s Aluminence A.G.E. serum.  This innovative product has been designed to address the harmful effects of pollution by trapping it in a shield, which is removed when you cleanse at night.  This revolutionary skin-care product is only available from professional skincare salon’s, so pop in to Sparx Beauty Salon in Winchester to try it.

Alumier MD Moisture Matt from Sparx Beauty Salon WinchesterThe Summer Solution for Oily Skin Problems

If you are struggling with controlling your oily skin in the summer heat, we recommend AlumierMD Matticlear serum which contains a host of natural ingredients to tackle the problem.  Linseed extract, Canadian WillowherbTM and tripeptide-1 along with an innovative microparticle complex inhibit sebum production and absorb oil in this lightweight formula.   The result is a reduction in shine and skin with a smooth matte finish.   Java Tea Extract is also included to reduce the appearance of large pores and meanwhile nigella and pumpkin seed oils soothe, moisturise and  prevent dryness.  The product is alcohol, frangrance, sulphate and paraben free and we think it’s a skin-care essential this summer if you have oily skin.

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To find out more about our recommended AlumierMDs summer treatments and ensure your skin is kept in peak condition during these hot sunny months, call our Winchester beauty salon on 01962 878979 or book online.