Summer Skin Saviours

Top Tips for Great Summer Skin from Winchester’s Best Beauty Salon 

The summer months can be harsh on your skin so check out these top tips from Winchester’s top beauty salon to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

Heat, humidity and the sun’s harmful UV rays all increase your risk of skin damage, premature skin ageing and greasy, sweaty, blocked pores, so be sure to look after your skin especially carefully at this time of year.  

Read on to find out which treatments we recommend to ensure you look your best throughout the summer, whatever the weather!

Summer Skin Care Tips


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TIP 1: Wear a Sun Protection Factor 30-50 to slow down the ageing process and keep your skin in optimal condition.  We recommend a high SPF sun cream all year round – not just over the summer months.   We stock a range of Dibi Milano Broad Spectrum sunscreens.  A broad-spectrum product offers protection from both UVA (ageing) and UVB (sunburn – causing) rays without leaving residual chalkiness on skin.

Did you know that the chemical UV filters, often found in sunscreens, can contribute to coral bleaching which eventually leads to the destruction of coral reefs?  That’s why we recommend Dibi Milano Ocean Safe broad spectrum sunscreens, which contain only physical and mineral sunscreen filters, which do not cause harm to coral life.

TIP 2: Avoid tanning your skin but, if you must, it’s important to do so as a gradual process.  Tanning greatly increases the risk of skin cancer as the sun’s ultraviolet rays destroy and damage skin cells.  Tanning also leads to premature skin ageing, uneven pigmentation, sun spots and wrinkles!  This sun damage may not be apparent while you’re young, but will certainly show as you get older.  

TIP 3:  Even when you wear a high SPF cream, you may see an increase in skin pigmentation over the summer months.  To counter this, we recommend a course of microdermabrasion which will help reduce the visible signs of ageing and pigmentation.   In addition, to prevent the formation of  new pigmentation by using antioxidants such as Vitamin C.

TIP 4:  Nourish your skin from within with Skinade.  This collagen boosting drink is recommended by celebrities including Victoria Beckham, and can protect the skin from the effects of dehydration.  Don’t forget that we stock Skinade Travel Sachets, which you can take in your hand luggage on the plane.

TIP 5Use sunscreen correctly. Make sure you use enough (1/4 tsp for your face, 1 oz for your body – which is enough to fill a shot glass) and wear it every day, particularly if you’re outside for extended periods.  Reapply every 2-3 hours and after swimming, washing, towel drying or heavy perspiring.

TIP 6:  Don’t forget about your neck and chest.  The skin there is thinner with a less rich blood supply than the face so it can be very prone to damage.  Protect it with nourishing and firming products and broad-spectrum sunscreen. 

TIP 7: Don’t forget your eyes.   The delicate skin around your eyes is particularly susceptible to sun damage and dehydration during long flights.  Speak to your Sparx therapist  for details of the products we recommend.  And don’t forget your sunglasses too!

TIP 8:  Get plenty of sleep to aid your skin’s recovery.  While you are sleeping, boost your skin’s hydration levels with a night cream.  You’ll wake up with fresh, soft and supple skin.

TIP 9:  If your lips have become dry, cracked and sore, invest in a nourishing lip balm with SPF, such as Mavala Lip Balm.  Lips do not contain sebaceous glands which means they a vulnerable to dehydration.  Mavala Lip Balm contains natural ingredients which will both protect and repair your lips, leaving them supple and soft.

TIP 10: Book in to Sparx Beauty Salon in Winchester for a beauty appointment so we can diagnose your skin concerns and recommend the perfect solutions for your skin’s needs.  We have a series of Summer Protocols which are skin care routines for you to follow before, during and after your holiday to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Call us on 01962 878979.