The Menopause and Your Skin

Beauty Treatments For Women Over 40 at Sparx Beauty Salons in Winchester

Older Woman Beauty Treatments from Alumier at Sparx Beauty Salon WinchesterAt Sparx we really are experts when it comes to your skin and understand that women over a certain age require specialist help and advice.  

Whether you’ve noticed a few fine lines around the eyes and lips, are experiencing sagging skin or skin pigmentation, or are peri-menopausal, menopausal or post-menopausal, our skin & beauty specialists can help and advise you. 

The hormonal changes that occur as we get older, and especially during the menopause, tend to change your skin’s physiology and it’s normal to feel that it’s starting to look and feel different.  There’s no need to despair – the skin experts at our beauty salons in Winchester can help to improve the appearance and feel of your skin and body with our high quality and effective skin treatments.

We are highly trained in all the beauty services we offer and are specialists in the use of internationally renowned skin care brand AlumierMD – so you can trust us for all your beauty needs.

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Skin Treatments for Older Women


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Oily Skin During Menopause

microdermabrasion at Sparx beauty WincheterAs we get older we can tend to think that our skin will dry out, but in fact, as oestrogen levels decrease, testosterone can stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum.  This can result in oily skin and spots or acne, which in turn can lead to skin pigmentation issues.  To tackle this problem we would recommend microdermabrasion, which is a safe, non-surgical skin resurfacing treatment that will leave your skin looking and feeling younger, brighter and less blemished. 

Alternatively you could try one of our AlumierMD Anti-Ageing Facials specifically designed to balance, purify and refine the texture of oily and combination skin.   Your Sparx therapist will advise you on the best products for your particular skin concerns.

Facial Hair Removal with IPL Sparx Beauty Salon winchesterRemove Facial Hair with IPL Hair Removal

Hormonal changes as we get older can lead to an increase in testosterone which can often result in irritating hairs appearing on your chin and upper lip.  If you find unwanted hairs appearing on your face, why not invest in some laser hair removal at Sparx beauty salons in Winchester?  Our highly trained therapists can permanently remove excess hair from most areas of the face and body using the safe and effective IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal system.  

Tighten Sagging Skin & Wrinkles 

A reduction in collagen can see your skin becoming slacker and more wrinkly as you get older.  We have a wide range of anti-aging beauty and aesthetics treatments to tighten and lift sagging skin available at our Winchester beauty salon.  These include dermal fillers, which are an effective treatment to reduce the appearance of crows feet and other facial lines and folds.  All our aesthetics treatments are carried out by Dr Chris Airey, a registered doctor and aesthetics expert.

Alternatively you could try one of our AlumierMD Facial Peels.  Facial peels are a great way to exfoliate your skin, helping to reduce pigmentation and leaving you with a younger looking face.

Oestrogens stimulate fat deposits and when the level of oestrogen drops during menopause, this leads to fat being redistributed – often over the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.   Your skin can become saggier and more wrinkled as your skin loses its mobility.  We can improve the appearance of cellulite and dimpled skin with the ProMax Lipo vacuum massage technology and radiofrequency.  We also offer a range of other skin tightening and fat reduction treatments – find out more here.

Anti-Aging Treatments at Sparx Winchester Beauty SalonAge Spots & Skin Pigmentation In Menopausal Women

As we age, falling levels of oestrogen are also responsible for making your skin more prone to damage from the sun and for the appearance of brown age spots.   Generally these age spots pose no health risk (but check with your GP if you have any concerns).  They can however be unsightly and create a patchy, less youthful appearance.

The good news is that we have a number of effective treatments at Sparx Beauty Winchester which can lighten all types of skin pigmentation.  For example, freckling and age spots can be successfully lightened or removed using safe and effective Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments.   During treatment your skin will be exposed to pulsed light which stimulates the area beneath the surface, breaking down the melanin prompting it to renew cells.  The result is a more even skin tone and texture. 

You could also try Dermaroller therapy.  This is an advanced microneedling treatment in which tiny needles perforate the skin, promiting it to regenerate and repair itself naturally.  

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