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Best Waxing in Winchester at Sparx Beauty Salon with Harley Wax

Introducing Harley Waxing At Sparx Winchester Beauty Salon

We are waxing experts at Sparx Winchester beauty salon and our highly trained team have a reputation for their skillful hair removal services.   We pride ourselves on using the very best products on the market, which is why we’re very pleased to introduce Harley Wax to our salon.

Harley Wax offers a range of products including Hot Wax, Film Wax and Strip Wax.   Their innovative formulas offer outstanding results, with the wax designed to wrap itself to the hair, rather than the skin.   This advanced hair removal treatment:

  • Causes less irritation and little or no redness
  • Leaves no sticky residue
  • Is suitable for all types of skin & hair
  • Removes hair as short as 1mm
  • Is ideal for people with very sensitive skin
  • Has a low melting temperature

Best of all it offers virtually pain free waxing!

All Harley Wax products are manufactured to very high standards in the UK.

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Top Tips For A Pain Free Brazilian Wax

At Sparx we are specialists in intimate waxing and we’re delighted that the Harley Film Wax is the perfect treatment for all intimate hair removal, from Facial to Brazilian Waxing.  

We know that no one really looks forward to getting a Brazilian Wax (or any other kind of wax for that matter), so here are our top tips for getting the smoothest and most pain-free results!

Best Brazilian Wax at Sparx Beauty Salon Winchester with Harley Wax1  Exfoliate Before & After Your Wax

To avoid unsightly ingrowing hairs, we recommend preparing your skin before your wax using an exfoliating mitt or suitable product.   Speak to your Sparx therapist about the most appropriate scrub to use. 

You should also exfoliate again 3 days after your wax, to prevent in-growing hairs developing, and then every few days until your next wax.

If you do develop any in-growing hairs, don’t be tempted to pick at them as they can become infected and make a scar.   They will resolve eventually with exfoliation.

2   Make Sure Your Hair Is The Right Length For Waxing

This can be a tricky one to judge when you are booking your waxing appointment, but you need to make sure your hair is at least half a centimetre long so that the wax can fix onto it and pull the hair follicle out entirely.   You need to ensure that the hair isn’t too long either, so we suggest trimming away any longer lengths with scissors.   Be careful when you are doing this, and don’t be tempted to shave or the hair will be too short!

3   Book An Appointment With Waxing Specialists

Intimate waxing requires specialist skills and training, so book an appointment with the expert team at Sparx.   Your therapist will choose the correct wax to suit your individual skin type. 

For Bikini waxing, we generally recommend Harley Film Wax. Your Sparx therapist will start by applying cleansing and toning product and then apply a pre-wax oil to provide a barrier between the wax and the skin.  This helps protect delicate skin and ensures a smooth and even result.  The good news is that Film Wax has a low melting temperature which helps ensure a comfortable waxing experience.  It’s also suitable for shorter hairs too, so painful tweezing won’t be necessary. 

4  Follow The After-Care Advice 

To avoid potential infection, irritation and in-growing hairs, we will apply a soothing after-wax lotion to the treated area immediately after your waxing treatment.  

We recommend that you wear loose fitting clothing for 24 hours after waxing to avoid chafing on the delicate bikini area.   You will need to avoid sun exposure to the area for at least 24 hours and avoid excessive exercise.   Shower carefully immediately after exercising and wash with an anti-bacterial cleanser to clear the area of bacteria from perspiration.   You should also avoid oils and creams on the area for at least 24 hours as these may burn the skin.

5  Plan The Timing Of Your Intimate Wax Appointment Carefully

For the best results with your Brazilian Wax, timing is key.   You need to allow time for your skin to recover afterwards – so don’t book your appointment the day before you jet off on holiday!  You also need to avoid sun exposure to the area for two days before your treatment to avoid the skin being sore or damaged.

We recommend avoiding the days around your period too as your pain sensitivity will be higher at this time.

Mens Waxing in Winchester at Sparx Beauty Salon with Harley Wax

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Did you know that we also offer waxing services for men?