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As you get older, you may notice that your skin begins to lose its radiance, becoming rather dull.  This is to be expected and is a natural part of ageing, but there’s plenty we can do to help restore your glow.  At our Winchester skin clinic, our skin care experts are here to help transform your skin and keep it looking as youthful and fresh as possible, whatever your age.

As we get older, our skin needs change, so read on to find out how we can help you with the appropriate skin care regime.

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How Does Our Skin Change As We Get Older?

As we age it’s natural to notice our skin losing some of its freshness.  This is because cell-turnover of our skin slows down with time, leading to duller skin as dead cells stay on the skin’s surface for longer.  We can help tackle this by using an exfoliant treatment such as a peel.  This will help remove the surface debris and dead cells on the surface and reveal the softer, smoother skin underneath, thus restoring a more youthful glow.

As we head into our 50s, our skin’s lipid barrier also becomes less effective.  This  can result in our skin struggling to retain moisture, which in turn makes it more sensitive and dehydrated.   Another factor impacting on our skin as we age is chronic stress and inflammation within the body.  This is a very common problem and can make our skin slower to heal and easier to scar.   The elastin and collagen levels in our skin also decline, making fine lines and wrinkles more prominent, whilst hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and large pores can also become more visible.

This may all sound like bad news, but there’s no need to despair!  If you adapt your skin care regime, taking account of your age, lifestyle and environment, you can retain a healthy looking complexion as the years pass.  

Book an in-depth skin consultation at our Winchester clinic and we will carry out an analysis of the deeper layers of your skin using ultrasound technology.  The results of this skin analysis will allow us to come up with a bespoke treatment package for your particular skin concerns.  

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Younger Looking Skin With Dibi Milano #AGE METHOD

The top treatment range we recommend for mature skin is Dibi Milano Age Method.  It uses the latest skin care technology to repair the damage caused by skin aging and the hormonal changes of menopause.  It helps to relax fine lines and wrinkles, minimising expression lines while strengthening the structure of the skin.  It counteracts the signs of everyday stress on the skin, including tiredness and even jet-lag.

The range has been based on latest research into the field of epigenetics.  This is the study of ways in which environmental and lifestyle factors impact on health outcomes to which we’re predisposed via our genes.  For example pollution, stress and our emotions can all have an impact on the synthesis of proteins associated with retaining youthful looking skin.  The range has been tested and developed with women experiencing the skin changes associated with menopause in mind.

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect From #AGE METHOD?

Dibi Milano’s tests of the effectiveness of the #AGE METHOD range have demonstrated impressive results:

  • 100% of women tested found that by following the entire #AGE METHOD treatments and self care range, signs of stress and fatigue were erased.
  • 100% of women tested found that the products perfected their lips and brightened their eyes.
  • 100% of women tested felt the products hydrated, nourished, toned and softened their skin, leaving it more luminous.
  • 75% of women tested felt the products reduced the appearance of wrinkles.

Anti-Aging Universal Youth Facial Treatment

Anti aging facial Winchester Skin Clinic Dibi MilanoBook an #AGE METHOD universal youth treatment and your skin will benefit in two ways:

  1. The treatment protects your skin from everyday stress, tiredness and environmental pollution.
  2. It restructures the skin, relaxing the features, minimising expression lines and deep wrinkles, strengthening the internal structure an improving elasticity and smoothness.  It can be used to treat the entire face and neck including the lips and hooded eyelids.

The treatment is ideal for anyone who wants a younger looking, more radiant complexion. 

The #ANTI AGE Beauty Routine

Age method step 4#ANTI AGE home care products enhance and preserve the effectiveness of your in salon treatment.  We recommend following the full regime for best results:

  1. Apply one capsule of Youth Concentrate morning and evening before your moisturiser to strengthen the results.
  2. Apply nourishing black butter Deluxe 2 in 1 Balm as a sleeping mask.  Can also be used as a lip balm or eye cream.
  3. Protect and reconstruct the skin with Youth Boost Cream or Youth Fluid Cream.
  4.  Reverse the signs of skin aging and hormonal changes with Sumptuous Youth Cream

Revitalising Skin Care Treatments at Sparx

At our Winchester clinic we offer a wide range of other treatments to restore and refresh menopausal skin. These include exfoliation treatments such as:

  • Dermaplaning
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Chemical Peels

We also offer expert Radio Frequency facials, PRP therapy, Pure Hydro Facials and much more.

Book An Appointment At Our Winchester Skin Clinic

To bring back your youthful glow, start by booking consultation at Sparx.  Please call 01962 878979 for more information or to book an appointment.